In silos and tanks


Dry bulk arriving at the Port of Oslo:

- Salt, grain, fertilisers, cement, sand, gravel, leca and concrete 

- Terminals and silos at Sjursøya and Vippetangen


In silos and tanks

Grain, salt, cement and fertiliser are just some of the dry bulk products arriving the Port of Oslo. In their shape and form they are all a bit like powder, thousands of single items transported together to form one big mass on board a ship.

Dry bulk cargo in Oslo is located on the north side of Sjursøya and Vippetangen. These are the companies that handle dry bulk in the Port of Oslo:

Scandinavia's largest producer of ready mixed concrete, Unicon is located at the north side of Sjursøya.

Cemex  is one of the largest importers of cement in bulk to Norway. They are located on the northern side of Kongshavn.

Norcem AS develops, manufactures, markets and sells all types of cement for the building, construction and oil industry in Norway. Norcem AS is the sole producer of cement in this country. From their storage silo at Sjursøya they deliver the cement in bulk to their carriers and customers. Norcem has four employees at Sjursøya and they work in shed 78 and 79.

The company G.C. Rieber Salt AS imports to Sjursøya 90 per cent of all salt sold in grocery stores, but it is only a fracture of the amount of salt the company handles a year. Norwegians use one million tons of salt every year, and Rieber Salt therefore has several offices throughout the country. The company has about 45 employees nationwide, 15 of them work at the Port of Oslo.

Salt for food, plastics and roads
Salt is not extracted in Norway, so all the salt consumed or used in the country must be imported. Salt is used in many ways. Salt in and on food is perhaps the most obvious use. In addition, much salt is used on Norwegian roads in the winter. More surprisingly, a large part of the salt is used in animal food and in the metal industry, while over half of the salt is used for plastic production.

Strand Unikorn AS imports grain from all over the world to its two silos in Oslo. The silo at Sjursøya holds grain for feeding animals, while the grain used to make bread goes into the silo at Vippetangen. About 20,000 tons of grain arrive at the Port of Oslo annually.

I/S Felleslager ANS imports fertiliser in bulk, packs it into large bulk bags and sells it to customers in
 southern and eastern parts of Norway. The company is owned by Yara Norway and the Farmers Agri-Care, and has its offices in shed 82 at Sjursøya.

In additon, the Port also receives large quantities of gravel, sand and leca every year.