Cargo in all shapes and sizes

Cargo in all shapes and sizes

The Port of Oslo handles everything from scrap metal to house module constructions. Soon it will all arrive at the same site but for the time being these products are spread all across the Port.

Kneppeskjær pier has more than 40,000 cars coming in each year. The facilities of car importer Møller Logistics (Harald Møller AS) are located there. They are Norway's largest car dealer of the brands Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda.

Paper, house module constructions and other general cargo
Norsteve is
 located at Filipstad quay. It has three warehouses used for paper stock and other general cargo. They also handle house module constructions.

At Filipstad Coop Norge and Joh. Johannson import more than half of the coffee that Norwegians consume. The coffee gets roasted and packaged at the port before being shipped off to shops and cafés. In the pastships carrying coffee arrived directly from coffee exporting countries, such as Brazil and Colombia, to Filipstad. Now, the coffee beans come in containers to the terminals in Sydhavna via major European ports, possibly Hamburg or Antwerp. The roasted and packaged coffee is transported the last distance by car.

Scrap metal
Celsa Armeringsstål AS operates the efficient scrap iron terminal at Grønlia. Each week, two ships with scrap iron go from Oslo to Mo i Rana for remelting, and the iron comes back in the form of various products such as reinforcement steel and wire rod.