Supplies Norway with oil


- The amount of liquid bulk arriving at the Port of Oslo is expected to rise by 26 per cent by 2030. 

- About 40 per cent of oil for private use arrives at the Port.

- Much of the liquid bulk is stored inside Ekebergåsen but some is also stored at Sjursøya.

Supplies Norway with oil

Oslo has been a major oil port for generations. 40 per cent of Norway's oil consumption arrives at Sjursøya, just south of the capital.

But oil is not the only products that arrive at the port in liquid form. Most petrolium products find their way to Oslo via the Port.

Liquid bulk cargo is transported to the capital in large tankships, which are carrying a considerable amount of whatever product they are transporting - usually referred to as bulk.

Every day come rain or shine, two 300 meter long trains head for Oslo Airport Gardermoen carrying jet fuel for all the airplanes which are due to take off that day.

At the oil port there are several companies, such as Statoil ASANorske Shell AS, Uno -X Energi As and Esso Norge, and they are all importing various oil products for the Norwegian market.

Sisterne Drift DA (formerly known as Ekeberg Oil Storage DA)
operates the oil storage facilities for all four oil companies.