The port's environmental policies

The port's environmental policies

Cleaner ocean, fresher air and a greener city is something we all desire. That is why green, sustainable policies are at the heart of everything the Oslo Port Authority does.

The Port of Oslo and our port community affects the environment every day.

The Port of Oslo is proud to be ISO 14001 certified. This obligates us to make sure that the negative impact on the environment is reduced, and that every opportunity is utilised to ensure positive environmental effects when possible.

Our environmental policy describes what we want to achieve. We have three strategies; a noise strategy, a bluegreen strategy and a climate strategy. These show the goals and the measures we are prepared to take to become even more environmentally sound than today.

The reward is a cleaner ocean, fresher air and a greener city that we can all enjoy.

Environmental Policy at the Port of Oslo


§3 Principal objectives

The Port of Oslo's main purpose is to ensure an effective and rational operation of the port, to facilitate an efficient and green maritime transport, monitor the traffic in and out the port district and manage the port's properties and investments in a economically sound and sustainable manner.

The Port of Oslo's green policies consist of an environmental vision, environmental aims for 2030 and strategies with green targets.